December 23, 2015

The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the vacation rental house
Nothing was buzzing, not even my mouse;
The beds were all made in the rooms with great care,
In hopes that guests would soon sleep in them there;

No children were nestled all snug in the beds,
So no visions of their vacation danced in their heads.
And mamma in our primary home, and I in ours too,
Were racking our brains wondering what we could do,

So many vacant weeks in our vacation home were sitting about,
I sprang from my bed, and let out a shout:
“Away with unrented weeks!” I said in a flash,
“No more of that house sitting idle! We need some more cash!”

“There must be a better way,” I thought to myself,
“Would a manager do it so no one has to do this him or herself?”
When, what in my internet browser did appear,
A company called that I now hold so dear.

With a marketplace that gets offers so fast and so quick,
Getting income with is easy; it’s only a click!
Create a profile then accept bids from professional managers they say?
Could I really rent out all my weeks in such an easy way?

I submitted a URL, and the managers began to bid, bid, bid!
I was so giddy with excitement! I felt like a kid!
Income offers came in. Within the week I had four.
My associate even tried to find more!

Introduced to the winner, a proven PM
His profile said he won auctions again and again.
His bid was the highest, the best of them all.
He managed all types of homes-some big and some small.

When we spoke on the phone I liked him a lot.
I looked at the agreement and signed on the spot.
When I handed over the keys, I took my first check.
Got five percent up front & the rest, on deck.

The remaining payments now come throughout the year,
Which is why I stand before you with cheer.
From here it’s all easy when checks come in monthly.
With no more work or hassle, life is always comfy.

I no longer worry about my home, and the feeling is surreal. made life better by a great deal.
So homeowners and PMs, enjoy vacation rentals now reinvented,
All of these benefits with no hassle?

Relax. It’s rented.

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