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January 15, 2018

You won’t believe what you can get at the most expensive Airbnb’s in the US

There are a number of compelling reasons to use Airbnb, the most prevalent being that it’s possible to book inexpensive rooms in choice locations without taking on a second mortgage to pay for it. Rooms are not only typically less expensive than local hotels, but also feature amenities that are not available at your local Courtyard Marriott. Features like full kitchens, salt water pools or private bowling alleys are added enticements to travelers looking for something more than a stay in a cookie-cutter hotel room. These expensive places make the Airbnb into the destination.

Some of the most expensive Airbnbs have amenities meant for a group, wedding party, or large family reunion (though could be enjoyed by a smaller number of people if you have the inclination and the financial standing to afford them). Simply Self Storage recently did a study where they looked at Airbnb’s most searched for cities in the US and found the most expensive Airbnbs in each one. What they discovered will make you want to round up about 30 of your closest friends for a great getaway!

Here’s the list from most extravagant to just very luxurious:

  1. Live it Up in Austin, TX | SXSW Exclusive Villa
    Between networking events at the SXSW festival you can come back and relax in this palace that is the most expensive place found in the US. It’s close enough to walk to downtown Austin, features a luxury pool area two houses AND a guest house.
    The price: $10,075/night
  2. The Celebs Stay in Kailua-Kona, HI | Hualalai Villa:
    Say Aloha to the amazing view of a Hawaiian sunset on your private infinity pool. This place has enticed celebrities like Stevie Nicks, Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Cameron Diaz. So as you bask in the beauty, consider that you now have an ice breaker for that next Hollywood party. And don’t worry – if you’re missing room service there’s a concierge company associated with the place.
    The price: $7,100/night
  3. Frolic with Goats in Boulder, CO | Home Host Event Farm
    It’s a real farm on 30 acres, with goats and horses to pal around with. This place, nestled with the beauty of the rockies all around, is definitely a great venue to stage high-end weddings, parties, or reunions.
    The price: $5000/night
  4. Park It in Style in New Orleans | 295 Walnut
    This luxury home is perched on the famous Audubon Park, a gorgeous New Orleans refuge and even features a private gate that leads directly into the greenery. And speaking of greens, it overlooks the 9th hole of the Audubon Park golf course, for when it’s tee time.
    Price: $4000/night
  5. The Chicago Way | The Publishing House
    This fully revamped bed and breakfast is the way to live when you visit the Windy City. Lodged in the hip West Loop, the large venue is a cool staging ground for large family vacation to Chi-town.
    Price: $3250/night
  6. Create Your Own Theme Park in Orlando, FL | Reunion Zero
    This place is amazing, with amenities like a bowling alley, 150 inch TV, waterpark-like pool (with a sunken bar!), private racquetball court and much more! And all within spitting distance of Disneyworld — you can even see the nightly fireworks!
    Price: $4628/night
  7. Key’d Up in Key West | Southernmost Hospitality VII
    Use your private pool, lope down to Key West’s famous Duval Street, or walk over to the beach. This place even includes themed bedrooms like the “Jimmy Buffet” room — of course it does.
    Price: $2,910/night
  8. Vegas, Baby! | Villa Shangri-La
    Get super zen before hitting the blackjack tables. This tranquil spot isn’t far from all the action so it’s great for a bachelor(ette) party and let’s face it… you can’t beat a pink marble bathroom.
    Price: $2,500/night
  9. Your Own Private Nashville | The “W” Nashville
    Having a hot time in Nashville? Head back to the “W” for some privacy, with a gated entry, spa, and cool pool deck area. Great for when you get the band back together.
    Price: $2,500/night
  10. Hotlanta Nights | Atlanta Estate
    Stay in Atlanta in style on this 2.6 acre estate property. Amenities like a gigantic plush home theatre and diner-themed game room and kitchen area make it fun for families.
    Price: $1,600/night

While these Airbnb’s are certainly luxurious, they are actually more affordable if you’re traveling with a group. Depending on the number of people in your party, they can range from downright outrageous to reasonable. Would you stay at any of these high-priced diggs?

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