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January 22, 2018

Case Study: How Rented Capital Helps Oasis Expand

Background on Oasis
Oasis manages over 2,500 urban units across 23 markets globally and is partially owned by Hyatt Hotels.

What Challenge does Oasis face?
Market Expansion in urban markets focused heavily on the leasing of units.

How has Rented Capital helped solve this problem and give Oasis an edge?
Rented Capital fits in very nicely with Oasis’s business model- managing Homes Like Hotels. It is very expensive to lease dozens of units, especially during slow seasons. We love to use Rented Capital because it lets us focus on what we do best, driving revenue while focusing on the guest’s experience.

Oasis has developed a great relationship with Rented scaling in urban markets. Working closely together allows us to jump on opportunities with expiring time-frames very quickly. The longer we work together, the better and faster things move. There is a high level of trust between our companies.

How Does fit with your current operations?
Working with Rented is easy and responses can be lightning fast as long as we’re providing Rented with the information required for them to run a proper analysis. Also, the team is super chill and rational, something all too rare in this industry.

So far we’ve been able to leverage Rented Capital in three markets with more than 16 units. Rented Capital has guaranteed a total of $376,533 in rent payments across these units.

What is your Growth Strategy moving forward? How has Rented helped with that plan?
We plan to leverage Rented Capital heavily to scale our ‘lease’ program in order to continue to scale in our existing markets and future growth markets.

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