June 14, 2018

How to Protect Your Home During Holidays

Holidays are always a much-needed break from your daily grind. In order to achieve total relaxation, be sure to take care of the unnecessary worries of home; such as lingering work tasks, the kids’ upcoming school projects, and – by the way – who’s going to feed the cat? A more important question, though, concerns the safety of your home.

Your house or apartment likely contains almost everything that’s important to you. From essential documents to your great grandmother’s wedding ring, there are sure to be many things you want to keep safe while you’re away.

Here are top tips from Non-Stop-Locksmith for ensuring your home is safe and secure while you’re away:

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1) Never Share Your Holiday Vacation Places & Plans on Social Media

Social media plays a huge part of everyone’s lives today, but there are some things you should never post online for everyone to see.

These include your holiday vacation places & plans. Posting publicly on social media about heading away for a few days is efficiently advertising your home as empty. This lets anyone who has access to your page know that your house or apartment is currently vacant and potentially vulnerable.

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2) Leave a Light on, or Purchase a Light Timer

Leaving lights on when you go out for the evening is often a right way of making it look like there’s life inside your house, but you can’t very well leave a light on for the entire week that you’re on holiday.

Light timers are an excellent solution. These security devices can be purchased online and then set to turn a lamp on and off at certain times, making it look like someone is around to be pressing light switches.

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3) Ask the Post Office to Hold Your Mail

If you’re going to travel or are planning to be away for an extended period of time, you should consider asking the Post Office to hold your mail. You can ask them to do this for up to 1 month. Asking for your parcels and letters to be kept avoids creating a pile-up of post that might alert a potential intruder that your home is unoccupied.

Asking a family member, a friend, or a trusted neighbor to stop in and sort things out for you could be an alternative to this.

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4) Fit Sensor Lights

Sensor lights can be highly effective at deterring potential home intruders on the approach to your house. Often something small, such as a few lights that turn on as someone is walking up the driveway, can be enough to deter a burglar them from taking things any further.

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5) Check All of Your Locks Before Going Away

You should be checking your locks on a routine basis to ensure they’re up-to-date and not easily tampered with. If need be, make sure you upgrade or replace locks by a licensed and insured locksmith before going away.

Also, be sure not to miss the shed and garage. These places often contain objects that could be used by an intruder to help gain access to your home, such as tools and ladders; or expensive items, such as bikes, gym equipment, and cars



6) Inform a Trusted Neighbor

Forming a good relationship with your neighbors can be more useful than just having someone to sign for your packages when you’re out. Your neighbor can help to ensure that your home is kept safe while you’re away.

Ask if they can visit your home every couple of days to make sure everything is okay and that the mail isn’t piling up. You could even request for them to park in your driveway so as to give the impression that someone is home.

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7) Store Valuables Out Of Sight

Keeping valuables out of view of your windows is essential in making sure you aren’t advertising the contents of your home to passers-by or potential thieves. A useful tip is to simply move the items somewhere out of sight. Investing in a safe might also be a good security measure to take if you have items of significant value in your home.

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8) Never Hide Spare Keys

Any average burglar will be well aware that many people chose to hide spare keys under plant pots and doormats. No matter how safe you think your place is, is it worth the risk? Your spare key is much better left with a trusted friend or neighbor while you’re away.

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9) Install a Burglar Alarm

Having a burglar alarm sign in view on the front of your house will make thieves think again before attempting to enter your property.

In all honesty, it doesn’t even need to actually be installed. If you don’t have the time (or money) before your trip to have a full alarm system installed, merely installing a dummy alarm can make a huge difference. Most dummy alarms look the same as their working counterparts, and it’s highly unlikely that a burglar will hang around to figure out the difference anyway.

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10) Keep Keys Away from the Doors and Windows

Leaving your keys where they can be seen might make your house a more inviting prospect to a thief. ‘Key fishing’ is a technique used by burglars to reach keys and other valuables through the letterbox.

Don’t forget to keep your car keys hidden somewhere when you go away. If keys can be grabbed quickly, your car could be driven away without any sign whatsoever of forced entry.

You could also consider getting a letterbox cage to make fishing more difficult; or you could install brushes within your letterbox, which will help prevent draughts as well as conceal the view inside.

In Conclusion

These ten tips will help secure not only your valuables, but your peace of mind as your family enjoys the holiday.

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