July 3, 2018

Storage Solutions and Space Saving Hacks for Your Rental Property

If you own or manage a rental property, chances are you could be struggling with storage ideas. You want to find an ideal way to store things without damaging walls or having to dramatically change the layout of your property; and you’re not alone. Our friends from Gladiator Garage Works have put together this list of great storage solutions that will help you on your way to organization.


storage hooksHooks

Thanks to Command Strips and other great brands that allow you to quickly adhere and remove fasteners from walls with an adhesive sticker, you now have more opportunities than ever before to utilize hooks in and around your home. Try placing hooks underneath or on the sides of shelves. Hang things here and use the space that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered using.

Shower hooks can also come in handy for more than just hanging a shower curtain as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find some as a complete circle that closes, and others in an “S” shape. Both work well as storage solutions. The “S” shaped ones are ideal for hanging small pots from a pegboard or underneath another shelf. You can also use them to hang items you may find in a closet that don’t fit on regular clothes hangers, such as handbags. As for the “O” shaped circular hooks, they’re ideal for storing scarves, tank tops, belts, and more. Be creative and find as many different uses as you can for them.


storage rods and racks

Rods and Racks

Curtain rods and towel racks can be used for more than just the obvious items. For instance, hang one (or a few) on a wall in the kitchen and use the “S” shaped shower hooks I mentioned above to hang items, such as cooking spoons, from them. Just take into account how much weight they can hold (especially if they’re pressure rods) as you don’t want to damage the wall from them falling.


storage cabinet


You may be thinking, “of course you can use cabinets to store items” – but have you ever thought of using the top of the cabinets? No, I’m not talking about the counter (please keep that clutter-free!); I’m talking about that space between the top cabinet and the ceiling. If you have the space, this could be a great place to store larger items in the kitchen. Larger pieces will typically fit in these nooks and create a unique display. Since they’re so high up, these should be items that are rarely used; such as the holiday turkey platter or oddities that came with your fine china set.

storage pegboard


It’s as simple to hang a pegboard as it is to hang a picture. You can use these in many different rooms. For example, they can be used in the kitchen for hanging measuring cups and spoons, as well as smaller sized pots or pans.

You can also use a pegboard in the bathroom to hang hand towels, frequently used pieces of jewelry, curling irons, and more. Your room will look neat and tidy, and the things you use often will be readily accessible.


storage narrow rolling cart

Narrow Carts

For those extra tight spaces, measure them and find some small rolling carts to use. You can find these at various locations, including home improvement stores, your local big box store, and even some more luxury furniture stores (depending on how much you want to spend). Many can be painted to match, or you could even design your own if you’re handy with some tools and scraps. Utilize narrow entries, space between doors, small corners etc. to place these, and you’ll easily expand your space.



under-bed storage

Under Furniture

If you raise the level of a bed or sofa using pegs, you can find small sized rolling drawers to place underneath them and store extra items in. They are ideal for smaller spaces and all you really need is a few inches to fit them underneath. You can create these yourself, purchase them ready made online, or find them in brick and mortar stores.


built-in furniture storage

Built-in Furniture

Many newer furnishings are taking on a new look in that you can lift a lid and store things underneath or inside. From beds (lift the mattress on a platform) to sofas (lift the seat to store items underneath), you can capitalize on your space and make it work double duty.
You can also find footstools that work well this way and turn baskets on their side. You could use baskets as well to place items in; then slide them underneath tables and other furniture for extra storage.


vintage storage

Vintage Storage

Stack vintage suitcases and use them as a table-top; decorating them with items such as a vase or some flowers. This looks great in nearly any room of the house. You can also use crates; stacking them on their sides to store books, shoes, and other infrequently used items in them.


In Conclusion

These are just a few ideas that I hope will help to get you get started on setting up some unique and creative storage solutions in your rental property. Your tenants are sure to appreciate the extra space, and will love the added character some of the ideas provide.

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