July 13, 2018

5 Creative Services to Offer Tenants

The growing short term rental market is quickly becoming crowded. This is especially challenging if you’re buying or managing rental properties in one of the top markets in the U.S., which includes Nashville, Tennessee, Destin, Florida, Corpus Christi, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Clearwater Beach, Florida.

One way to attract more renters is to secure and market discounted value-add services for those who are staying on your property. Working with local and national businesses to provide discounts on services that your tenants will appreciate, like dog-walking services, is a great way to do that; while setting yourself apart.

What’s more, these partnerships can offer another benefit when you negotiate a cross-promotional marketing strategy: you continually promote them within your listings—which will naturally happen because you need to explain the service offering—and they promote you as a local community partner at events, on marketing materials, etc.

The key is choosing complementary services that your tenants will find most valuable. Here are five to start with. Use them as a jumping-off point to brainstorm local, regionally-specific services, like snow removal, that may be more appealing to potential renters.

Dry Cleaning and Wash and Fold Service

Offering discounted wash and fold as a value-add service allows renters to keep their nicest vacation duds clean, regardless of whether they have time to sit at the rental and do laundry, or not. If you don’t have a washer and dryer on the property, this is even more valuable.

Look for a wash and fold service that offers the best features for people on short-term trips and vacations, including: Same-day pick-up and text notifications. Your renters will never have to stop and worry about when their clothes are ready, nor will they need to check-in throughout the day. This service is all about convenience, and that’s what everyone wants most when they’re out of town.

As you look for businesses to partner with, consider that wash and fold services range in cost from $.90 to $3 per pound, and the cost for larger items, like a comforter, can start as high as $5 per pound, explains [Angie’s List](https://www.angieslist.com/articles/home-laundry-service-dont-do-your-own-laundry.htm). Look to some of the following brands as well, which operate in various cities throughout the country, offering same-day pick-up, among other great benefits:




Professional Dog Walking Service

If pets are allowed in your rental properties, dog walking is a natural addition to the list of tenant services and features. While some prefer to walk their dog themselves, the statistics from Rover , point to the value of walking services for dog owners:

  • * 55% say their dog gets less than 45 minutes of physical exercise each day
  • * 47% say they frequently leave work sooner than they should to let their dog out
  • * 51% believe it’s harder to find the perfect dog walker than it is to find the perfect spouse

By offering a discount for dog-walking services, you show your tenants that you care about the well-being of them and their pooch—just another detail that can set you apart from competing property managers. Look to popular apps like Wag to find local walkers willing to offer their services at a discounted price. The key will be setting up an account and then facilitating the dog walking preferences ahead of time with your renters.

Grocery Delivery

While eating out is a luxury to enjoy on vacation or short-term trips, sometimes renters just want to eat a home cooked meal. Yet, no one wants to do groceries while they’re enjoying some much-needed time off, which makes grocery delivery a valuable discount service to offer tenants.

To find the best-priced deal connect with local grocery stores, many of which are owned by national chains and now offer delivery. Working with these smaller, franchised stores may make it easier for you to work out a deal or discount for tenants.

You can also look to nationwide services, like Shipt or Instacart, which offer online grocery shopping and then delivery. The ideal way to handle this process is to set up a discount code with the service. Once created, renters can simply enter it at checkout and place their order like they normally would.

Fitness Services

If you don’t manage properties in a building that’s maintained by another company, where amenities like a gym or pool are readily available, it may feel hard to compete. An easy way to combat this is by offering another value-add service: access to a local gym or fitness facility. Many businesses do this for employees, which means this arrangement may be easier to set up than you think.

Once your account has been created, you can treat access to the facility like you would a community pool. Keys are available for tenants to access the gym whenever they want during their stay. You will likely need to include this price in the cost of the rental, increasing the overall cost—but boosting value at the same time.


Local Childcare

Leaving your kids alone with someone is hard enough. It’s even more challenging when you don’t know the area or anyone who lives locally. When parents want a night out on vacation, it can feel impossible to do so without inviting someone else on the trip to do the babysitting.

Make it easy for parents to enjoy a day of adult adventures by working with a local childcare facility where drop-ins are available at a discounted price. Conversely, you can give them the opportunity to have a date night by leaving them with a list of verified babysitters, including at least one reference for each one so parents can do their own due diligence.

Get Creative and Add Value

Use these creative ideas to give tenants something they won’t get elsewhere: discounted services that make their lives easier. In a competitive rental market, you have to do what sets you apart as a business. This is one way to do just that, allowing you to drive renters while forming valuable relationships with local businesses.

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