August 30, 2018

Labor Day Best Practices for Vacation Rentals

Summer’s almost over. Shorter days and cooler temperatures are quickly approaching, along with a bit of rest – but it’s not time to slow down just yet! As you know, Labor Day – the capstone travel weekend of the season and first holiday of the new school season – is upon us. Some parents may be using this time to make up for the lack of a summer vaca with their kids. Sun, fun, barbecue, and of course the perfect rental are in order. Be sure to go the extra mile in order to help them end summer on a high note.

Labor Day Eats

Labor Day Eats

Nothing is worse than going to throw some dogs on the grill only to find a leftover mess or an empty propane tank. Inspect the grill to ensure it’s clean and ready for use. Also consider equipping the property with any utensils needed to cook up and chow down. To go that extra mile, why not stock the fridge with a few refreshments to wash it all down. Sometimes it’s the smallest of steps that take you the furthest.

Labor Day Thrills

Labor Day Thrills

It’s to be expected that most want to close out the holiday with a literal bang, but this may not be allowed in all locations. Be sure to check if there are burn bans in your area and, if so, communicate that fact to your guest in order to comply with government regulations. Fireworks, bonfires, and other related activities should be taken into account.

Labor Day Appreciation

Labor Day Appreciation

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than showing some appreciation to those that put in hard work daily to help your business succeed. Now’s a great time to think about how you’ll treat your employees for making it through the summer.

Post Labor Day Planning

Post Labor Day Prep

After the holiday has passed, take a deep breath and maybe a day to clear your mind – then it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming months. Start by reviewing these past few months and evaluating what worked and what didn’t. Take note of your findings so you can keep these in mind when strategizing on what to do in the future. Depending on the market you’re in, the coming winter could be a big season on which you’ll want to capitalize. If winter is particularly slow for your market, consider creative ways to drive traffic to your rental. You could also use the time to make updates to your property or even your business. Is your photography outdated? Could the carpets use a good deep cleaning? Hardwood floors lacking a lustrous shine? Is a fresh coat of paint in order? Or perhaps your website could use an update? And how is your social presence?

In Conclusion

Whether the summer was really good to you or you’re looking forward to the snowier season, focus on finishing the summer on a high note this Labor Day weekend. From then until the first fall of bright autumn leaves it’ll be the perfect time to reflect on wins and losses of the summer and calibrate your strategy for the coming months so that you can close 2018 and enter 2019 stronger than ever before.

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