September 9, 2018

What Vacation Rentals, Futbol, and Globalization Have in Common

I see the world through the lens of sports. I tend to lean on analogies and examples that have occurred in sports. Whether I’m attempting to make sense of economics, processing a piece of art, navigating politics, or learning more about vacation rentals – all have something in common with sports in my mind. Though I find this tactic useful, I understand how some of my connections between sports and other aspects of life can seem a bit ridiculous. On many occasions I’ve compared the NBA Playoffs to high shakespearean drama, and I’m pretty sure I’ve compared certain soccer rivalries to the Cold War. Today, I want to discuss vacation rentals, globalization, and environmental sustainability (yes – all together). Today we’re going to use soccer, “the beautiful game”, as our vehicle to do so. I know that sounds like a big jump, but I promise we’re going to stick the landing. 

woman traveling to vacation rentals

The Desire to Travel

First, let’s consider the vacation rental industry as a whole. The space has an enormous potential for growth without sacrificing a certain baseline of stability. To put it simply, the vacation rentals are built on travel. Barring complete catastrophe and global devastation, people will always travel. Yes, it’s possible that the rate of travel could decrease for months or even years, but the innate desire will survive. 

cross-cultural interaction about vacation rentals

The Potential for Growth

Logically, an industry with high potential for growth and a stable foundation should continue to expand as quickly as possible. We’ve seen this in vacation rentals. Most of the big corporations in this space are based in the United States. Their reach, influence, and business, however, is rapidly expanding into more international markets. Therefore, they may now have to foster and cultivate relationships between parties as far apart as Ireland and Indonesia. This process is in no way simple. It requires technique, business savvy, and a trait that may seem abstract in the corporate world: “conscientiousness”.

excited futbol fans staying at a vacation rental

The Crossover: Vacation Rentals and Futbol

This process of bringing different groups together with one common goal is nearly impossible to do well unless you consider your obligation to all parties involved. A great manifestation of this idea can be found in, you guessed it, soccer! (Did you think I had forgotten about my promise?) Let’s take the case of Real Madrid.

For those of you who are uninitiated, Real Madrid is one of the most valuable futbol clubs on the planet. As of 2018, they are #1 in the world. In fact, they almost never fall outside of the top 3. Based out of Madrid, Spain, the club is currently comprised of players from Spain, France, Germany, Wales, and Brazil. These players must navigate their different cultures, languages, and backgrounds to form a cohesive group capable of intricate action and maneuvering. That doesn’t sound so different from a company that’s expanding to new international markets.

Much like the leadership within an expanding company, Real Madrid and all other clubs, have an entity that must focus on the managing of all the different parts in order to form a whole. The manager of a soccer team has to constantly foster the inclusion of every player from every corner of the globe. This duty requires compassion and consideration above all else. A good manager of a futbol club understands that in order to succeed, his players must feel included and involved. Again, we see similarities between the proper motivations in a manager and an expanding company.

empty home that should be a vacation rental

The Motive

Every large company which seeks to expand should remember why it would like to expand. Is it simply to make more money? Or does said company truly believe its presence in a given market would be more beneficial to the area than another, comparable presence in the market. For instance, we here at believe in a vision of economic sustainability through the efficient use of already existing resources. We believe that many places have vacant housing that has a higher and better purpose whether that means being used as a long term rental or vacation rental. Why should we as humans continue to build and use resources before we have gotten the most out of the resources we already have? We believe that vision is both considerate to every market we enter into and helpful to people as a whole. Our motivation to enter these markets follows our vision.

In Conclusion

To conclude, globalization is good when those who seek to expand are considerate to the areas in which they’re expanding. When these groups seek to connect people, help them, and support them rather than simply use them, we are on a good path. Like building a great soccer team, it’s about forming a solid unit that can thrive despite race, tribe, culture, or creed. This diversity and connection should lead to a synergy between the vision of a company and its tangible action in the world. That synergy is smooth and satisfying to all. Just like the beautiful game.

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