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September 30, 2018

Digital Innovations In Renting Your Home

Using digital tools and emerging technology is the soundest way to make your short-term rental home more attractive to prospective guests with minimal cost. One recent study found that 80% of vacation guests were more likely to rent a home with smart technology. Equipping your home with smart technologies, such as smart security and keyless entry, grants you more control over the home while it’s being occupied by guests.

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Digital Ways to View the Property

Those that have been in the industry long enough know that one main factor influencing a guest’s property selection is their ability to see what the property looks like. Homeowners now have smart phones that allow them to take high quality photos of their property and easily add them to listing websites. However, many companies are now turning to Virtual Reality and 360-viewing devices to give potential guests a “feel” for the property without being on-site. Vacation homeowners, too, can benefit from offering panoramic views of their property to showcase the home. Digital tours will also cut down on the number of guests who ask to see additional pictures of the property. They can instead inspect the house easily from their smartphone in vivid detail.

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Digital Upgrades

According to new research, the two home technologies most desired by vacation renters are smart TVs and all-purpose smart speakers such as Google Home or Alexa. Placing these in a kitchen or living room allows them to connect with many devices from a central operating point. Short-term rental guests also look for automated or programmable thermostats, which allow them to easily adjust the home temperature. These systems also track your average energy usage, helping you predict your bill for during the time it’s occupied.

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Keyless Entry and Digital Security

Many vacation homeowners opt for keyless entry systems to enable a smooth transition between guests while keeping the property secure. Keyless entry apps also let you easily monitor when and who enters or exits your home from your smartphone. This is a great option for check-in as it isn’t always possible to have someone greet the guest in person.

We strongly advise choosing a digital security system that suits your needs. This is especially important for owners that will be residing far away from the property. If you’re concerned about particular objects in the home, consider moving them to a secure storage unit to be safe.

In Conclusion

Emerging technologies are a great way to boost the value of your rental property with minimal effort. They also make your job as a homeowner safer and more convenient. If you invest in smart home technologies, be sure to include them in the amenities description of your property listing. These devices will make your home stand out to potential guests who desire luxury and security.

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