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November 17, 2018

Giving Thanks: 9 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, take some time to reflect on those that have supported you throughout the year. This of course could include your family and friends, but you should also remember those who work with you. Whether you’re a manager or an owner, showing your gratitude is a fruitful gesture that can propel a good working relationship into the new year. Here are a few creative options for giving thanks this holiday season.

Giving Thanks - Christmas Basket

Giving Thanks to the Property Manager

They work tirelessly day in, day our, and most likely while they’re sleeping to ensure your home in well-cared for and profitable. A couple of gifts that can help you say “thanks a bunch” include:

     1. Gift Basket

A manager gift basket is a great way to show your appreciation. Fill the basket with things that will make their business a little easier.  Are they a coffee lover? Pick up a mug for their pick-me-up. Trying to stay hydrated? Grab a handy travel water bottle. Always jotting something down? Maybe a new notebook to fill. Notice they have a favorite pen? Get ‘em a pack! Do they need a new phone case or some small electronic accessory? Well, there ya go. Any of these would alleviate some of the hassle in your PMs day.

     2. Get Personal

Know your manager really well? That’s music to our ears. If they have a family, you could look into buying tickets for a festive event or show. Maybe there’s a nice Christmas market in your area, or a showing of a traditional holiday show. Perhaps they like sports? Look into buying a ticket for a game. The NFL Season is coming into its second half, NBA is still ramping up, College Football bowl is quickly approaching, and NHL has just started. As you well know, a great experience can make a lasting impression.

     3. Gift Card

If none of the above struck a cord, sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. The gift of shopping is a winner for most. There are the classic cards for food and refreshment (i.e. Starbucks, Dunkin’, Chick-Fil-A, or a local restaurant), but you could also opt for a place that’s a little more targeted to their interests (i.e. Ace Hardware, Home Depot, REI, Best Buy, or iTunes). And hey, when in doubt you’ve always got Visa, Amex, and Amazon.

Giving Thanks - Kitchen Appliances

Giving Thanks to the Property Owner

Let’s face it – they could have chosen someone else to represent their home, but they chose you! Show them how thankful you are to work with them with one of these ideas:

     1. Buy Something for the Home

What better way to show you’re fully invested in the success of the rental than investing in it! Help give the space a touch of aesthetic flair with a welcoming doormat or a snazzy piece of art. You could otherwise choose to up the ante with a small but handy kitchen appliance or a useful living room accessory. In either case, you’ll be increasing the value of the rental so that everyone wins in the long run.

     2. Amenity/Service subscription

You could also increase the value of the rental by obtaining a new amenity or service subscription for the property. This would be a service future guests could use that you would advertise in order to increase bookings. Check out our list of options here.

     3. Free Night/Weekend

If the property owner likes to travel, they may be interested in staying somewhere other than their rental. Consider giving them a free nights stay at another property you manage. Extra points if it’s in a market other than the one their rental is located in. We’re sure they’ll appreciate a nice getaway and they chance to experience another rental property.

Giving Thanks - Confetti Concert

Giving Thanks to the Guest

     1. Holiday Event Tickets

A lot of holiday travel is centered around local events. A great way to say “thank you for choosing us” is with a free ticket or two.  These events don’t have to be expensive. It may simply be a wine night at a local restaurant or a small play at a local theatre. Even if the guest elects not to go, they will still appreciate the gesture and you going the extra mile.

     2. Thanksgiving Meal

With Thanksgiving comes the expectation of good food. Treat your guests with an addition to their feast; on-site or off. This may take a bit of planning to accomplish, but it would definitely be a service that distinguishes you from other rentals. If you have multiple properties in one area that will be occupied, consider partnering with a local restaurant. Rent out a room and invite everyone there for a “Travelers Thanksgiving”. How cool would that be?!

     3. Discount on Next Stay

Offering current guests a discount on a future stay is a great way of not only saying thank you, but increasing retention. This would ideally be at another property during the off-season. Keep in mind the discount has to be attractive! Consider something catchy like “Full Week – Half Off” or “100% awesome – 50% off”.


In Conclusion

Everyone wants to feel appreciated during the holiday season. Remember actions speak louder than words, or thoughts for that matter! The vacation rental industry is built on collaboration and experiences. That doesn’t just apply to guests. We hope this list helps you think of ways to show your thanks to those who make an impact on your business. And know we sure are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at

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