July 22, 2022

Talk to Your Vacation Rental Homeowners With These 4 Communication Tools

Talk to Your Vacation Rental Homeowners With These 4 Communication Tools

Like any business relationship, open communication between vacation rental homeowners and property managers is a cornerstone of a successful short-term rental business. And in a business like vacation rentals, there’s plenty to discuss: regular updates about KPIs and revenue, deals and promotions, logistical information, and the occasional celebration or friendly salutation on holidays or significant anniversaries. 

There are several ways you can communicate with your homeowners, including some awesome online tools you can use—here are a few favorites.

Use Email for Monthly Reports

Monthly or quarterly reports showing occupancy rates, ADR, and revenue generated during a particular timeframe are table stakes in the vacation rental industry. You can generate these reports using your PMS and other analytics tools. Then, you can add them to an email template you design through your email service provider, like Mailchimp or Marketo. Templates make it easy to manage and personalize each email accordingly. 

Try Loom for Personalized Greetings

Give your homeowners a sense of connection with a recorded video message! Services like Loom make it easy to record yourself sharing essential company updates, walking through a demonstration of a new product, or simply sharing well wishes. In addition to a user-friendly recording setup, Loom can do screen capture for easy instructional videos or something similar. It can give the feel of a face-to-face conversation or a phone call while covering more ground. 

Invite Homeowners to Meetings with Calendly 

You want to provide your homeowners with the opportunity to meet with you without playing phone tag trying to set up a meeting. Tools like Calendly allow you to set your preferred availability for taking meetings. Add Calendly to your email signature so it’s easy for homeowners to access. Owners can then pick a time and date that works best for them

Offer SMS Messages for More Engaged Owners

Every vacation rental homeowner is different—some don’t require much communication (and may prefer to keep it to a minimum). But other homeowners like to be more hands-on, and that’s where text messaging comes in handy. SMS marketing apps make it easy for you and your team to write and auto-send various text messages to homeowners about any topic you want. This communication tactic can give homeowners a stronger sense of connection to you and your team. 

These unique communication methods with vacation rental homeowners help foster a positive working relationship. Not only can you cover the necessary business information, but you can do so in a way that feels human. Good communication leads to happy homeowners who feel taken care of—a key to keeping your current owners AND attracting new ones.

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